Tough protection for your business (even if you're tough to insure). Your business deserves a specialized insurance agent who knows your industry and needs.

What We Do

Have you been hit with the latest round of insurance premium increases? We can help. At no cost to you, we will match you with a specialized insurance agent who really knows your industry and how to get you the right policies at the right price. We interview each insurer to make sure they are specialists in your industry. With an agent who truly understands your industry, you will have peace of mind knowing you got the appropriate coverage as well as fair pricing. We only get paid by insurers, and only if you get the insurance coverage you need.

If your business requires any higher risk policies, we can often find you a solution when others can’t.

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Industry Highlight

We know it's been a tough time for restaurants over the past few years. First, Covid slowed business down to a crawl. When people start going out again, inflation caused your supply prices to increase as well as your insurance premiums. Some insurers stopped covering certain types of restaurant risks altogether, such as liquor liability. If your restaurant has a high percentage of revenue from alcohol sales, you probably got hit the hardest with insurance premium hikes (if you were able to keep your liquor liability at all).

Tough Policy gives you access to a wide range of options to get the coverage you need, at the right price. There are more options out there than most business owners realize. Usually the key is to get a specialized insurance agent for your industry.

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Industry-specific insurance agents make all the difference.

How do you know if an insurance provider is getting you everything you need if they don't really know your industry? We interview agents to find the specialists in your industry.

We match you with specialized insurance agents who understand your industry and the risks you need covered. Fill out the form above and we will contact you to help get you get covered by a specialized insurer. Our service is free to you and we only get paid by insurers if they get you what you need. After right-sizing the various factors in your policies you will have the appropriate coverage for your risks, and also find potential cost savings.

Our industry of the month is Restaurants.  Restaurant policies have been skyrocketing just like most businesses, and they have risks that are particular to their industry. The amount of alcohol sold will make a big difference on insurance policy pricing aling with other details about your specific situation. We can help optimize your policy for the right coverage along with the most affordable price.

What clients are saying:

“Through Tough Policy I found coverage for my restaurant where my last insurer had increased my prices a lot and taken away my liquor liability coverage. The agent they helped me find knows my industry better than my previous agent who was nice, but didn't know the details of my industry that well. I also wasn't confident I was getting all the possible savings with my last agent since they weren't experts in my industry. My restaurant provides my whole paycheck, so it was too important for me to make sure I got the right coverage and premiums."

- Matt G.